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The Contest

The Leaf It to Rusk County Geocache Contest will start September 17, run through the first weekend in October (entry forms due October 11), and will include 20 caches located throughout the County.  This caches will take you to different areas of the County and will be an excellent way to enjoy the changing fall colors and to visit sites in the County that you might not otherwise see.  These are all new caches specific to this event, and after the event is over all caches will become permanent.

The caches will be easy to moderate in difficulty and terrain, and are a variety of sizes (micro=match container or smaller, small=bigger pill bottles, and regular=small ammo can). We wanted to make it enjoyable for all, and while some of the caches will be less of a challenge they will expose participants to a variety of interesting places in the County. Because some caches are placed in very easy and visible places, we ask participants to replace and hide caches as best possible.  All are hidden in publicly accessible places, some more populated than others- be on the look out for mugglers.  In addition to the contest clues (see below), the regular and smaller caches are filled with area information, trinkets, and a log card.  Feel free to take an item and leave an item, and of course sign the log book. As you will see, the smaller caches are limited as to what you can put in them. The caches contain only a clue and log card, so be sure to bring along something to write with.

For more details on geocaching terms and etiquette visit www.geocaching.com.   

How To Play

Inside each cache will be a clue.  Participants will record each clue that they find in the caches.  Recording the clue will be a way to determine what caches were found, but all of the clues collectively will lead to one answer about something regarding Rusk County.  The more clues (caches) you find the easier the answer should be to determine.   The answer could be a person, place, event, etc. from the past or today.  There is nothing wrong with asking for help or doing additional research.  Participants will record each of their finds and final answer on the entry form (link) available below or at the Rusk County Visitor Center.   Coordinates of all the caches will be available here, at the Visitor Center, and also on the geocaching.com website.

Entry Form (pdf)


Geocaching.com information coming soon!

  1. Ingram Park
  2. Ingram Park Ballfield
  3. Glen Flora Park
  4. Riverside View – Memorial Park
  5. Memorial on the Water Redo
  6. Green Space
  7. Downtown Welcome
  8. See St. Francis Again
  9. Amacoy Lake Again
  10. Downtown Bruce
  11. Relax and Watch the Traffic
  12. Bruce Park
  13. Bruce Ballfield
  14. Bruce Playtime  
  15. Trails End
  16. Come in and Visit-2010
  17. Weyerhaeuser Blackhens
  18. Weyerhaeuser Park
  19. Final Cache site

Cache names, locations, descriptions, and hints (pdf)

How to Win

The contest offers three ways for participants to win. 

  1. All teams that turn in an entry form will be entered in a drawing for 10 (ten) $25 Chamber Dollar certificates.  Teams will be entered into the drawing according to the number of caches that they have found.  (i.e. 5 caches found = 5 entries, the more you find the better your chances of winning). 
  2. The first 50 teams/participants that submit an entry form with at least of 11 of the 20 caches found will receive a Rusk County Geocaching gift. 
  3. All teams that correctly solve the final answer will be entered for a drawing for the grand prizes. The Grand Prize is a $300 Rusk County gift package, second grand prize is a $200 Rusk County gift package, and third prize is a $100 gift package.

GPS Units

GPS units will be available for rent for those who do not have unit, but would like to give it a try.  They will be available for rent on a daily basis from the Rusk County Visitors Center.  They will rent for $10/day along with a picture ID.

Sponsored by/Contact Info

The Geocache contest is sponsored by the Greater Ladysmith Area Chamber of Commerce, Rusk County Tourism, and Flambeau Mining Company.  Entry forms are available at the Rusk County Visitors Center, 205 W. 9th St. S.,Ladysmith, WI  54848, (715) 532-2642.  Questions can also be directed here, or emailed to geocacheruskcounty@yahoo.com. Entry forms are due to the Visitors Center by October 11.  Submit in person by mail, fax (715) 532-2649, or email geocacheruskcounty@yahoo.com.

.pdf of cache names, locations, descriptions, and hint



For more information call 1-800-535-RUSK
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